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Internships Modules

Selected intern day to day responsibilities include: 1. To increase our brand value by sharing the contents of Aionios creations on different social media handles. 2. To bring maximum leads and traffic to the website. 3. To convert prospects into actual customers. 4. Executing different marketing campaigns either offline or online. 5. To manage key customer relationship.

Aionios Creations has wide range of jewelry from 92.5 sterling silver jewelry to precious / semi-precious gemstone jewelry and everything in between. While we at Aionios Creations, may have covered pretty much every type of jewelry out there, there's always new stuff coming all the time. We feel that it's always the tiny detail that make jewelry special. The new age women like to do traditional things with a modern outlook. As an independent woman, you are not only looking for unique jewelry but also, looking for jewelry that has fusion of tradition and modernization. Aionios Creations' exquisite crafted jewelry completely stands out with it's shiny countenance and it's breezy modern style. Minimalist and elegant jewelry at Aionios Creations, goes well with traditional as well as western fare.

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