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Internships Modules

1. The candidate is responsible for Eye win Photography Award registration from inside or outside their campus.\r\n2. Promote Eye win Photography Award in every possible way.\r\n3. Promoting EyeWin Awards on social media.\r\n4. Connect with the Interested Candidate

India’s first ever Eyewin photography Awards welcomes the submissions from all the photographers. Open for photographers from all over the world, our aim is to recognise and bring exposure to the unique and talented photographers. Whether an amateur or a professional, or just a novice smartphone photographer with a creative eye, we at Eyewin Awards want to discover the most amazing photographers and share their best work to the whole world. We are inviting mobile photographers, amateur, and professional photographers, digital artists to submit their work in the respective categories to be juried by most prestigious names in the world of photography. The winners will be rewarded with excellent prizes, global exposure with online, print and Tv media, their work published in the EYEWIN book of the year2017 and a photo show well exhibited in a prestigious gallery.

Candidates will be getting:\r\n1. Certificate of appreciation \r\n2. Coupons\r\n3. Felicitation \r\n4. All Area Access Pass of Event\r\n5. INR 2000 (Cash)