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Internships Modules

 Tie-ups with Hospitals, Diagnostic Centre’s, Pharmacies, Wellness Centre’s; etc.  Establish strong relationship with credible and leading Medical & healthcare service providers in the sector  Establish the company as first point of contact for any healthcare needs  Ensure proper upkeep & confidentiality of records  Work actively on various assigned responsible areas  Work in sync with Business Development Manager  Brainstorm on new innovative healthcare ideas

We are a Healthcare Start-up working in the area of making healthcare more affordable and accessible. Our idea in the start-up forum has received an undisclosed amount of funding by a seasoned Entrepreneur and a visionary par excellence who has a diversified business group. Further, leading Corporate and technical leaders are part of our core team. Being in the inception stage of business life cycle we aspire to have like-minded young professionals who can contribute to the core of the business. They shall be interacting with the leading and credible healthcare organizations and establish connect and reputation.

- Letter of Recommendation - Pre-placement offer - Travelling Allowances