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We are looking for someone with a flair for communication to interact with our users via email and other channels, answer all their questions, iron out any wrinkles our users might face, and generally keep them happy through prompt and dedicated support. Responsibilities: • Managing operations for clients approaching us through Ideamagix. • Follow up on leads and work towards converting those leads into paying projects • Manage and meet expectations of the clients • Understand what the clients needs and source the right kind of Freelancer depending on the solution that the client is looking for • Work with freelancers to update their profiles • Conduct regular follow ups to ensure the entire process cycle moves smoothly and is closed within a specified time frame • Respond to client queries on emails and ensure high response rate to quote invitations • Work on creating content around FAQs and support pages • Staying updated on the latest trends in the industry and developing a knowledge base, with a view to be able to provide the right expertise to clients Apply Directly at :

IDEAMAGIX ( We are a team of restless motivated individuals which believe in a common goal and use spirited attitude into digital solutions. We provide Engaging Digital solutions that inspire you and make you think. Period. Makes you curious. We love innovating and we love working with codes and experiment with it. Seeing it work fascinate us and motivates us to work harder, smarter and better! We love what we do, that is what motivates and is our driving force. Clients love working with us and we love ideas which transform into something magical! We are curious people we love doing things differently and frame a approach which stands out and make people speechless!

Certificate, Informal Dress Code