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Mantra Media Pvt. Ltd requires interns to conduct academic events in North East, Indore, Bhopal & Coimbatore. Selected candidates will get opportunity to manage the entire promotion exercise and the event management. Remuneration: Fixed Stipend of Rs 2500 plus reimbursement of actual expenses incurred. Requirement: Good communication skills, basic knowledge of computer and inclination to learn residing in Pune with origin in and around the targeted cities will be preferred. Responsibilities:1.To create awareness about the event among the target audience 2. Coordination with the Marketing team 3. Execution of event 4. Submission of Report

Mantra Media is a Digital Business Consulting company that provides end-to-end solutions leveraging: Internet Mobile media platform Our focus is leveraging the strengths of this New Age Medium while integrating it with traditional media such as Print & Broadcast. Mantra Media believes that the ultimate benefits lie in designing, developing & implementing solutions that will allow businesses to monetize while achieving their strategic objectives. We have a dedicated team of professionals who understand technology, business of technology and, importantly, strive to simplify it to deliver a unique experience to the constituents of its clients.

Remuneration: Fixed Stipend of Rs 2500 plus reimbursement of actual expenses incurred.