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We are a young and energetic team who are passionate about what they do, and we’re searching for interns with the right combination of initiative, organizational skills, and sales know-how to help us grow. During the training period, interns will be coached on and get hand-on opportunities to build leads, handle media outreach, and close deals, in a way that will leave them incredibly prepared for any sales job they want going forward. And who knows, interns may even end up working with us!\r\n\r\nKey things interns will learn:\r\n• The steps of the sales cycle \r\n• Techniques to help connect with and pitch to the right prospective customers\r\n• How to collect prospect information and analyse it to gain insights into the target market\r\n\r\nWhat we are looking for:\r\n• An inclination to meet and interact with new people\r\n• Strong oral and written communication skills\r\n• Enthusiasm, creativity, and a desire to learn the trade

We are “Ann define”, a start-up which believes that good health comes above everything else. Therefore, we are offering a health drink to our consumers which is based on India’s traditional knowledge and will work as a mid-meal alternative. Come, join us if you believe in spreading good health with everyone!