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Professional Affiliate Marketing Course

Course Overview

1, Why Affiliate Marketing ?

An affiliate marketing program is by far one of the best advertising tools available, because it provides incentives for both the affiliate and the merchant. Each method has to be planned and executed in an integrated manner to achieve your strategic goals.With this vision, Affiliate marketing has grown greatly over the last couple of years because more and more webmasters are beginning to realize it is the most efficient way to handle your online advertising. It is extremely flexible and provides numerous benefits that you won't get with any other ad program.

2, Affiliate marketing brings numerous benefits:

  • It brings in a larger volume of web traffic.
  • It helps your company reach new customer bases in different countries.
  • It builds key relationships with high-volume affiliates.

3,Scope of Affiliate Marketing

  • Affiliate marketing provides anyone looking to start or already managing an online business the flexibility and power needed to grow quickly and make the important sales that get your business off the ground.
  • It is cost effective and ensures you will not waste your budget on expensive programs that don't bring in buyers. As well, you develop connections to affiliates who can help you, as they already run well trafficked websites
  • Building the network of affiliates once you get started is essential, it allows you to keep growing, and will have the side benefit of growing your Google rank. If you have dozens of websites feeding you traffic, you're going to sell a lot more than if you just sat back and paid for text links. Even better, with no startup costs or reoccurring costs unrelated to sales, your affiliates are a bargain!
  • Get Edvancer's own certificate also at the end of the course.
  • In the end, affiliate marketing brings unique opportunities for your business that results in more site traffic, more customers and most importantly more revenue.

Modules Overview

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?
  • Where Affiliate Marketing Fit in Today's Digital Marketing Age.
  • History of Affiliate Marketing.
  • How Affiliate Marketing Work.
  • Affiliate Marketing Eco System.
  • Affiliate Marketing Jargon Buster.
  • Pillars of Affiliate Marketing.
  • Roles of an Affiliate Manager.
  • Role of Merchant (Brand) Before Launching an Affiliate Program
  • In-House vs. Outsourced Affiliate Management
  • Affiliate Business Model (Affiliate Categories)
  • Detail Affiliate Tracking Software know how
  • Pay-out Models for Affiliate Marketers Assignment