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Text Analytics Course


Course Overview

1, Why Professional Text Analytics Course ?

This text analytics course helps you to learn how to analyze huge amounts of unstructured text data and bring out the business insights from it using R. For eg; understand customer sentiments and perceptions from tweets & reviews, automate classification of text data into categories like classifying email as spam, create clusters to segment customers, fraud detection, create recommendation engines etc.

2, What are the requirements??

This is a self-learning course through recorded videos where you can learn at your own time and pace. Get faculty support through forums, email or calls for your doubts..

3, What am I going to get from this course???

  • Learn the Text-Analytics, how to write Text-Analytics program and become employable in Text analytics roles.
  • Get prepared for the certification exam.
  • 24 hours of in-depth training in Text-Analytics along with hands-on practice using Text-Analytics issued software.
  • Get access to certification exam oriented course material and 4 full-length mock exams to test yourself.
  • Get Edvancer's own certificate also at the end of the course.

Modules Overview

  • What is text mining?
  • Tools for text mining
  • Text mining packages in R
  • Use cases of text analytics
  • Text mining process
  • What is a corpus and why is it required
  • Loading a corpus from various sources using R
  • Web scraping for collecting text data from the web
  • Exploring the corpus
  • Bag of words
  • Transformations
  • Tokenization
  • Parts of speech tagging
  • Stemming and lemmatization
  • Term Document Matrix
  • Word Cloud
  • TF-IDF score & Zipf's law
  • Case study for text cleaning
  • What is document & word classification
  • Steps for document & word classification
  • Techniques for classification
  • Case study on classifying news articles
  • What is sentiment analysis
  • Why is sentiment analysis done
  • Real world applications of sentiment analysis
  • Steps for sentiment analysis
  • Sentiment scoring
  • Dictionary creation
  • Algorithms for sentiment scoring
  • Case study - Analyzing sentiments in tweets for smartphone companies