Five ways to attract a Customer

Five ways to attract a Customer
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A customer is the king of market. Without customer the business is not even of a single use because if there is no demand there is no supply.   Supply comes with demand of the products if there is no demand the supply is of no use. Hence, to attract a customer is one of the most important part of every business marketing strategy. Weather it is male, female and children. Rich or poor.

In my point of view there are so many ways to attract a customer and some of them are mentioned below:

AWARENESS OF PRODUCT AMONG CUSTOMERS: When the product comes for first in the market it should be properly introduced to the customers. What are its benefits, characteristics? How to use?  Every thing should be properly described to customers.

DIFFERENTIATION: How your product is differ from others in shape, size, use, price or other advantages over other products available in the market create a good repo in eyes of the customers.  

PROMOTION: Doing promotional activities like create banners, hoardings, advertisement on T.V, Newspapers, and Radio etc. create a attraction of customers to the product. As people have a busy schedule they have to drive, travel, and go for office so it is a good way to create awareness by this mean among them as a customer.  

ATTRACTIVE DESIGNS: Creative and new things or products attract the customers in one sight. Like as, a child when first time look at a bicycle and show its interest to have it the customer in its first sight should have a good image or attractive designs create there interest to purchase the product.   

OFFERS/PRIZES: Buy one get one free, chit in the product, 10% off, discounts and other benefits attract the customers a lot. When there are offer the sale of product increases automatically. Like as, in the festival time of Diwali the sales of many handmade and electronic products increases due to different sales offers.But offers should be made in such a way that you increase repeating customers as well   India Market  Indian market is too wide. There are different classes (rich, middle, poor class) and accordingly is the purchasing power of the customer and hence the marketing activities are to be decided. The products should be available in consideration of all the things that what is the class to which it is meant for at what price in which section of society it is an important fact to be considered.

Overall the five points mention above are very important to attract a customer or to make them ready to invest their savings in such products for their better livelihood.