Get an internship after doing your MBA

Get an internship after doing your MBA
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 12,Jul,2019

Lakhs of students enroll themselves in MBA colleges every year. They take the admission with a hope of getting a good job and great learning in those two years of their MBA. But the reality is somewhat different. A lot of colleges only focus on the theoretical part of the MBA and hence completely ignoring the practical importance of an MBA. Therefore, it becomes very important for the student to get practical exposure by doing an internship in a good company where he can actually learn the practical aspects of his learning.

But, in a lot of cases, students are not able to find a good MBA internship for them. This is because of the lack of contacts of the colleges with the companies and the lack of knowledge of the students who apply for an internship. Hence, a lot of students fail to get into an internship either during or after their MBA.

But now, they do not have to worry at all as they can find a lot of internships related to their field on Here you can find tons of companies waiting to get you as an intern. They will help you in finding the right company for you where you will be able to foster your learning like never before. They have a huge database of companies who keep on looking for interns who want the internship genuinely. The best part about finding an internship from is that you will be able to choose from a wide variety of places where you want to do an internship. A lot of students had to leave their homes and go to different cities to do an MBA internship but now you can also find an internship near your home. All the best for your internship.