Is start up give you good packages !!!!!! Join e-GMAT

Is start up give you good packages !!!!!! Join e-GMAT
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E-GMAT provide a good package - E Learning Expert (ELE)
· As an ELE, you will work with our SME (Subject Matter Expert) team to create most engaging courses.  
· You will get the opportunity to work with the founders of the company, who have designed 150+ hours of eLearning and will be actively involved in the design of the next generation of courses.  
· You should be abreast with the latest trends in representation so that your product can compete well in the market.  
· After the product creation, you will be responsible to improve the quality at regular intervals of time.  
· You are responsible to continuously improve the standard processes and procedures in order to ensure maximum quality and improved efficiency.  
· You will get an opportunity to own projects and provide inputs directly to founders.  
· You will also work with bright individuals from IITs, IIMs, and NITs.  

It is one of the highly critical and responsible positions in the company. Everything created by you will be directly delivered to the end customer. In other words, your output is the face of the company.  

Our Ideal Candidate: We are looking for a person who:
1.Loves to build world class products.
2.Has the talent to convert any subject matter into visually appealing, simple, and easy presentation.
3.Has a keen eye for detail and gets restless if his final submission has even one spelling error.  

The ideal candidate should have experience with leading eLearning tools such as:
o Articulate Storyline
o Adobe Captivate  

Skills set The personality of our ideal candidate translates into the following tangible skills:
Product creation:
o You should be an expert in preparing presentations, converting complex subject matter into visual cues, portraying your creativity skills on paper – tell us all about it.  
o You should be able to understand the subject matter properly so that you can effectively convert it into engaging presentations  
o You should have the acumen to craft the visual experience that works best with course content. 

Experience in education domain (Preferred) 
 - Good Communication skills as job demands constant communication with SME and other disciplines in the company.
 - Excellent written and spoken English language skills.
 - Diligence, Perseverance, and a go-getter attitude.
 - Good (but not the only) proofs for this would be: MBA from a top B-school.
 - Successful product creation experience.  

How to Apply:
If the job description excites you and you have the skills we desire, then you need to upload:
1. A Cover Letter
2. Your CV
3. Sample Work 

Sample-work specifications – Please provide a sample of any kind of creative work you have done so for in your professional/personal/educational life. It could be as simple as a presentation you made for a client or as part of a study project. The idea is that your sample should showcase out of the box thinking and implementation. We, at e-GMAT, would love to see that. The medium of the work can be (any one) – • Microsoft Power point, Adobe Photoshop, Poster, Print ads, Video • Articulate Storyline, Adobe captivate  

Note - If you wish to send a video as a sample, please attach the video link in your response.