It’s not about degree instead it’s about skills

It’s not about degree instead it’s about skills
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 20,Sep,2016

No doubts that our country has been facing a real problem of unemployment and I have come across so many youngsters complaining about unemployment in India. But when I look into the matter, I find that people are more focused on collecting the degrees instead of developing the required skills to excel in their profession.

It’s really easy to complain about our education system or issues like unemployment or underemployment. But it’s tough to find solutions for the same. I would love to say that some people are there, who really work hard to develop and enhance their skills instead of focusing degrees or earning money.

One thing we must know that if a person who really has skills will definitely achieve what he desires. No one can sustain in a job if they don’t have basic skills or knowledge of their sector. It is expected with all individuals to learn and enhance their skills so that they can perform appropriately.

When we talk about unemployment the first thing comes in our mind is, just the bad policies executed by the government but somehow that’s not true. In today’s scenario people are more aware of different things and if they are interested to do something will absolutely find ways to make it.

We must try to learn as much as we can to get the most desired job in our field of interest. Use technologies to learn and develop different skills which will help you to flourish your career. Make the best use of your time and try to grab various opportunities which help you to learn about different profession or you can also do internship which will be an added advantage for you to get the job in well reputed company.