My Experience of Working from Home

My Experience of Working from Home
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 16,Jan,2016

A virtual internship is an option which saves you and your college breaks from getting ruined with early morning alarms and formals. It is simply the best internship period that not only lets you work from home during holidays but even after. I had also taken up work from home internship during the final semester of my graduation. I had taken up the internship which was open for the profile of content writer. I did not have to work hard to keep up with my training period and as a matter of fact, I had a feeling that I get a lot as stipend for writing three to four articles per week.

There are some students who have heard that work from home internships are not good enough as you are not able to interact with people and are confined to a limited knowledge. However, from my experience I can say that although you won’t have to reach the office at nine and get out of the home but you will be constantly connected to your team and mentors via video calls, emails and phone. In fact, it helps to build communication skills as you have to convince the clients over the phone and have to explain your ideas and other thoughts over the phone.  

A virtual internship can be easily turned into a regular job or a contractual job. I had been writing for the same company even after my internship period was over. The company was happy with my sincerity and on time completion and submission of projects which were assigned to me. Hence, the company offered me a contractual work from home job proposal for the six months. I did not have a reason to neglect such an opportunity and I accepted it.

By the time the contract was over, I had completed my graduation and was already looking for the work. Due to a good and continuous working record, I scored multiple job offers from different companies. The company for which I had worked for in past was well versed with my skills and writing styles. It offered me a good salary package, which was higher than I was offered in other companies.

Thus, it can be concluded that there is no difference in a virtual internship or an onsite internship. Work from home internships let you balance comfort and knowledge but you will have to work hard to get the most out of eitherof the opportunities.