Superstition - another social dilemma

Superstition - another social dilemma
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 26,Sep,2016

It can be explained that superstition has been a major issue in India, which refers to any belief in  supernatural casualty like one incident causes another without  any  natural process connecting to the second one.It is so common that people still belief that while waking up in the morning if you see oil it will affect your entire day as bad one. It has been noticed that it is genetic as, if an individual grow-up in a family where people are superstitious, then it will definitely affect that individual’s mindset and same thinking process will be theirs as well.

There is a symbolic relation between religious belief and superstition belief Social and economic status of people plays a crucial role in the tendency to superstition so that people with low social and economic status have more tendencies to superstition.

Superstition has given birth to different social issues like sati practice, Lack of girl’s education, Gender inequality at work, dowry system, and female feticide & so on. It takes so much of efforts to make people belief that being superstition, makes things difficult as well as complicated as people have  prior mindset and they are unable to see the other side of any incident.

People need to change their mindset so that society can change and we all can make our country a place where true facts has been considered instead of false beliefs which only effects our country in a wrong way.

Robert Ingersoll well explained superstitions as, believing to phenomenon that there is no experimental evidence for them, estimating a mystery by another mystery; Believing that the world is directed by chance; offering the thoughts, desires and intentions with reference to their original nature; Belief in the supernatural, miracle, magic and divination. According to him, superstition is based on ignorance and its infrastructure and origin are false hopes.