Internship In India: A Glimpse on Scope for 2022

Internship In India: A Glimpse on Scope for 2022
Posted by: MakeIntern
Posted date: 20,Dec,2021

Just possessing a good academic degree doesn’t necessarily make you competent to grab a job opportunity because businesses prefer to hire a certified talent with hands-on-experience and exposure to real working conditions. Pertinent task specific work experience is as much valuable as is the qualification foe a successful career development. The paradigm shift in HR practices has increased the importance of internship in multifold during last couple of years. Internship in India is being seen a must have credibility to advance the career or to start a fresh career.

Types of Internship in India

Every business follows a different route for recruitment. Completing the projects and operational tasks at the lowest cost is also a common concern. On the other side, job seekers and aspiring professionals looking to advance their career by adding more values to their portfolio see internship as a learning tool to improve and strengthen their skills and capabilities for a specific task. Businesses offer internships in different modules-

•    Paid internship: You are paid for the services you provide  

•    Free internship: You serve the company/organization without any pay

•    Summer internship: You get these 2-3 months duration offer in summer holidays   

•    Winter internship: You get such couple of weeks long offers to utilize winter break   

•    Nonprofit Internship: You get serving opportunities at non-profit organizations without pay

•    Externship (job shadowing): You get opportunity to assist a senior for a particular task for short duration

•    Virtual internship: You get a chance to apply skills for online assignment on payment or free  

Which Internship in India Should You Choose

Finding a suitable internship is not a difficult task because the numbers of leading companies and prestigious organizations offer internship as a part of their HR policy. You can visit online internship websites also to explore the internship job offers of your interest provided the internship portal is reliable and posts authentic internship offers. For example, Makeintern is a trustworthy internship website that offers credible internships in almost all the disciplines.

Earning from internship is not a key concern. You should pick the best suitable internship based on-

•    Demand of gained perfection in job market

•    Suitability to your career plan, qualification, and experience

•    Reputation of organization offering internship

•    Your availability to accomplish the assigned tasks

•    Chances of getting job in the same organization

•    Benefits of gained expertise from internship

•    Value of internship certification in terms of acknowledgement  

Paid internships are often for longer duration than the unpaid internships. Winter internships are programmed for a shorter duration than the summer or fall-time internships. Paid and summer internships offer wider learning scope by engaging you for high-level long-term assignments or consistent operational processes like supply chain management, marketing, and business development. On the other side, free and winter internships are the task specific. These are planned for a shorter period, so, these offer limited learning scope. For example- website development, data analysis, software integration etc.

Some portals that demand a high fee to offer internship may not be genuine, as most of internship offers are made available at free organizations cost. To add more value to internship choice, you can opt for joining an internship certification course. Internship certification courses have an edge because these are programmed by the experienced professionals to deliver task specific valuable knowledge and hands-on-experience.


Top in-demand internship certification courses in India are Google analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning, social media SEO, digital marketing, financial management, etc.