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Summary: Translation of English Transcripts of Academic lectures into Assamese, Oriya & Punjabi. Description: We are looking for "Individual Translators who would work with us in translating various English documents into Assamese, Oriya & Punjabi Docs. The documents are transcripts of various Academic Lectures. We will give you the English Transcript and the audio of the lecture; you will need to translate the English transcript into the regional language. The audio will be just for your reference. Listed below is the pay procedure: 1. We pay you per audio minute basis and not per word. 2. We pay net 45 days from the date of invoice. But we understand that you need to develop trust on us for this and so initially for the first 2 weeks we will pay you weekly, you have to send us an invoice for all the work done in that week and we will clear that in 2-3 days on receipt of your invoice. Post the first two weekly payments we would love to get you on our regular pay system that is 45 days from the date of invoice. Here for example: you work from 1st to 30 of September and raise the invoice on 1st of October; the payment would be processed within 15th of November (so 45 days from your invoice date is the processing time). 3. We pay you for all the work you do in your Bank Account by NEFT that is online transfers. 4. We deduct a TDS of 1 percent for individuals on their billing amount for all our payments. Note: We will take a small translation test to check if you are good for the same work. The test results will be communicated to all the applicants through an email. The candidates that are not shortlisted due to quality concerns would not be eligible for reapplication.

Crescendo is a start-up based in India, providing “Transcription and Analysis of audios in Indian Languages”. Crescendo’s mission is to give more people the freedom to work from home.

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