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Selected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include:\r\n\r\n1. Write accurate, modular & readable code\r\n2. Use Python, Django, Flask to develop robust backend applications\r\n3. Think creative & own what you build \r\n\r\n\r\nYou fit into the role if-\r\n1) You have a knack for PROGRAMMING \r\n2) You are immensely passionate about solving problems \r\n3) Your resume is precise and states only what YOU really KNOW

Tarkuli Enterprises Private Limited (TEPL) is a privately owned total IT Solutions & Services provider having capability in high end technology solutions. Our unique competency significantly reduces the costs of developing, deploying, integrating and maintaining solutions while simultaneously increasing reliability, scalability, performance and availability thus enabling our customers to accomplish their core business objectives and get the best return on their network and systems infrastructure investment. Our people bring years of technology experience, domain expertise and a desire to help you succeed in your business goal. At TEPL, our continuous effort to deliver quality work to customer resumes the role right at the entry stage of the service delivery life cycle and is carried down stringently right till the exit stage. We work majorly in Enterprise Application Development, Analytics and Machine Learning domains. Our technology stack comprises of mainly 1. Front End - Angular, Vue 2. Back End - Python, PHP 3. Mobile - Flutter, Android

You will get-\r\n1) Next Level Mentoring \r\n2) A shot at building something truly technology. \r\n3) A fun work environment\r\n4) Beverages & Snacks\r\n5) A full-time job offer