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Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Replying out to new leads and converting the existing leads 2. Ideating new products/services 3. Handling social media 4. Working on data collection to create new leads 5. Writing blogs on social media

Chess Gaja (formerly known as Chess Gyaan) is an online chess startup created to teach chess to kids across the globe. The startup was founded by Chess Grand Master and FIDE Trainer Priyadarshan Kannappan with a vision "to inspire and nourish the human brain to think critically - one person at a time." We are a high-growth organization as we have 100+ students from 14+ countries in a short span of time. Chess Gaja is all about learning and imparting knowledge, so we are looking for interns with curious minds, and zeal for startups to join us, share their knowledge with us, and allow us to share our knowledge with them!

Flexible work hours, Recommendation Letter etc