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Internships Modules

Our office located in Rushikonda, vizag is seeking interns for our Marketing De¬partment. This is a performance based paid internship, and the working hours are flexible. The selected candidate will be responsible for assisting and supporting the Marketing Department with a variety of social media and marketing initiatives both online and offline. Job Functions and Responsibilities Social Media focus includes 1. Execute and implement social media marketing campaigns and strategy across all social media platforms. 2. Manage weekly social media calendar and create strategies to increase brand visibility. 3. Drafting and editing copy for social channels. 4. Monitoring social media Web analytics on a weekly basis (e.g. page views, Twitter followers), and provide reports of growth and other activity. Marketing/advertising focus includes 1. Engaging with marketing teams on a regular basis to brainstorm ideas for new and innovative marketing and social media campaigns. 2. Assist with gathering data for marketing reports and supporting a variety of marketing and advertising programs. 3. Engage in networking events. 4. To deal with market and various clients and introduce about our services and so. General responsibilities include, but are not limited to 1. Researching industry-specific sites (blogs, forums, etc.) for product reviews, customer comments, and other relevant marketing information. 2. Maintaining marketing program files. 3. Maintaining spreadsheet of contacts and clients. Job Requirements 1. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. 2. Knowledge and experience with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and other social media platforms. 3. Strong attention to detail and organizational skills. 4. Good local market knowledge. 5. Our internship is designed for individuals who are currently enrolled at an accredited College/university and who will be continuing their undergraduate or post-graduate studies in the fall. 7. Candidates should be seeking a bach¬elor’s or master’s degree in marketing, public relations, business, Administration, communications, or journalism. 9. All applicants must submit a cover letter. 10. Transportation to and from the internship environment

Seven Motors is the first Indian company which is totally based on the advancement of ATV in India. We work to lessen the gap between students and industries. We provide different services to students like Online Summer Internship Program, Student Grand Prix (SGP), online training courses, etc.\r\nSGP is the main event organized by the Seven Motors. In SGP, we help the students to design, fabricate and test their own ATV.

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