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About the Internship:\r\n• Assist with posting content to social media and blog, including writing content under the supervision of the Marketing manager \r\n• Assist with drafting press releases and articles under the supervision of the Marketing manager \r\n• Research possible media contacts and maintain a media database \r\n• Assisting with the management and development of marketing collateral: brief designer, source and arrange for branded t-shirts, business cards, stickers, brochure, thank you cards, etc. \r\n• Assisting with monthly Google analytics \r\n• Assist with managing online advertising and our Google grant \r\n• Explore new marketing ideas \r\n• Assist with management of our GOOGLE PARTNERS mailing list account, including inputting volunteers/donors/subscribers etc. \r\n• Can do sales and field work.\r\n\r\n# of Internships available: 50\r\n\r\nWho can apply?\r\nAny one pursuing BBA/MBA or passed out. But they need to have below mentioned requirements:\r\n• Fluent or conversational English \r\n• Access to transport and a laptop \r\n• An understanding of social media and blogging for marketing purposes \r\n• Knowledge about GOOGLE ADWORDS\r\n• Experience with writing online content with a basic understanding of search engine optimization.\r\n\r\nAdditional Information:\r\nStipend will be performance based and the interns can avail this from INR 8000 to INR 30000(upto) on the performance basis.\r\n\r\nAccommodation:\r\nWe do not provide accommodation for Interns. However, we have several partners that we can recommend should you require it.\r\n\r\nTransport:\r\nInterns are responsible for organizing their own transport to and from the office and schools. We recommend hiring a car, although public transport options are available.\r\n\r\nOffice space:\r\nWe will be able to offer office space with internet access, a landline, printer, fax, meeting space, and stationery. Our office is based in different locations and interns will mainly be based there and at the schools depending on their role. Interns will need access to a laptop.\r\nInterns will join our weekly staff meetings on Fridays which include a yoga class, sharing circle, reviewing and planning and team building.

About Certination INC. (http://certination.com/): Certination is an educational organization committed to improving a student’s potential by upgrading existing community resources to provide appropriate physical, psychological and social support. Its primary focus areas include Workshops & training in all Domains as well as provide the students with every bit of help so as to make them grow professionally and intellectually. Started in 2015 by two professionals in Punjab, Certination developed a vision to provide professional education services for development of the major section of the prospering India and increase the empowerment by introducing a unique concept of Self-Branding. Today, it is one of the Strtup Agencies in the state, with more than 12 service persons, a centre in Punjab, projects across India, collaborations with leading institutions, and University recognition for its path-breaking research and intervention programmes in the community. We started with mere workshops and accumulating the past experiances of our services, but soon realised that there was a very poor follow-up rate of Students. Certination then began developing ways of making Professional education more accessible and affordable for the wider community. This is done in consultation with education providers, community members, Students and their family members. At the heart of our vision lies the 'Development gap' for students facing professional problems in India, i.e the very large gap between the number of students with a professional barrier, and the number of those who receive the right education and certification that can greatly improve the quality of their Jobs. A major barrier to closing this Development gap is the lack of affordable educations in community. Our pioneering strategy has been to use relatively low-cost human resources, by empowering ordinary but influential people and certified trainers, to deliver quality education with appropriate training and supervision from experts. As a result of our success in designing effective and low-cost models of education for students, Certination aims to contribute to providing quality and affordable education, not just in Punjab, but in other parts of the country, and globally.

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