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DUTIES + RESPONSIBILITIES: Work with team members to develop + understand digital marketing strategies that will meet client objectives Develop + write marketing content executions to be deployed across partner social media channels Learn SEO best practices and write meta content to support client SEO initiatives Analyze reports to create insights that will help drive digital marketing content strategies Create and implement tracking code designed to measure social content executions Work with SEO tools and platforms to create keyword maps for client websites KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, + ABILITIES: Must be extremely detail oriented with strong attention to follow-through Strong writing skills Communicate effectively in both written + verbal form Flexible in work functions + duties Ability to manage multiple tasks + meet deadlines Proficient in managing large amounts of data + ability to interpret + extract meaningful insight from data Exceptional time management skills Strong teamwork skills PC proficiency + strong skills in MS Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PPT, Excel) essential Must be able to focus for long periods of time at a computer screen given the nature of the digital business

In a flat world where learning inside four walls is no more the norm, Edulab Educational Exchange Pvt. Ltd. (Edulab) helps you encompass and learn through getting hands on experience through its various experiential learning programs in various countries. Edulab is focused on making learning more culturally enhancing and is able to provide internship and other programs with its partners in these countries. We believe the times are different and the learning need to change and move from the four walls of classroom. Today we have social bridges in form of Facebook and Twitter of the world where a kid learns, meets and interacts with people from across the globe. We need to enhance and value add our existing system to make it relevant for the needs of tomorrow’s global village. Edulab today has already hosted programs for various nations and colleges in India & abroad and looks forward to further work with international governments and private institutes to make a bigger impact on the learning habits and structures. What others consider as cultural gaps we see them as opportunities to Experience, Learn and Grow. We are one of the largest experiential learning companies in India catering to over 25,000 students annually

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