Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

The intern will be responsible for various things to ensure they get exposure in various working areas like sales, marketing, research, project management and finance. The role will include the below responsibilities • Contacting and generating sales leads • Creating and updating client data base • Creating client quotes and solutions • Helping prepare the solution document for RFP’s and tenders • Point of contact for creating and maintaining records of all purchase order, Performa and sales invoice • Updating marketing materials through research • Project management

White Interface is a Premium audio, video, home automation and lighting management solution provider. We provide solutions to clients across India for large residence, hotels, auditoriums, offices, etc. We specialise in below areas 1) Home Automation: providing customised solutions for hotels, houses etc 2) Audio Video Consultants: We cover various things under this from designing and creating customised home theaters to designing and implementing AV solution for hotels including back ground music, pubs and audio solutions for outdoor areas. 3) Lighting Management and control for both indoor and outdoor areas.

Besides the fixed pay the intern can also earn extra incentives/bonus. Opportunity to convert the internship into a full time job Certificate on completion of internship