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First and the foremost, we are looking at a basic level of comfort with Php, MySQL, Codeigniter framework, DBMS systems, etc. concepts based on past project work to get started quickly. Thereafter, the next journey of the interns will test their ability to take up any new topic of their interest and get hands-on with development of those technological platforms given the wide area of proposed interventions as described above. So, clarity of concepts, willingness to learn new things and comfort with hours of non-stop coding is what we are looking out for! So if you are looking for an internship at a typical corporate which would give you a PPO for you to become an employee, we are not the right place to apply at! About the Experience - (The Main Part) • Scouting for new technology solutions with product augmentations with quite independent module developments. • Conceptualizing automation tools to streamline various process of product lifecycle • Experimenting on those solutions to conduct basic viability check through R&D prototype development • Integrate wide areas of technology like AI, Big Data, Mobile Tech and Web to develop required solutions • Development and customization of internal workflow management process • Independent Government-to-Citizen interactive module for socially curated citizen feedback on government services and elected representatives Please find below some of the sample projects on which Interns will be experimenting: • AI enabled customer interactions driven by BoTs • Developing framework for Data Mining Crawlers which conduct systematic search for string sets throughout the web and Collate the output in a prescribed format • Develop prototype products based on Integration with various Government APIs • 3rd party interfacing with government websites for seamless application support • Development of customer analytics module based on on-site user behavior to generate necessary insights for marketing decisions • Integration of various image-to-text converter modules for document data based simplified user experience

India's Central and state government spend billions of rupees every year in thousands of schemes through various departments and ministries to nullify inequality among the citizens of the country as well as for the support and growth of enterprises. The information about these schemes is spread across hundreds of websites in various formats and the user has low confidence on the accuracy, completeness or relevance of the information. We are developing an internet based platform where the user will have provision to search for a scheme as per his/her profile or need and facilitate scheme access for the shortlisted scheme(s) with features of tracking the status. For details, you may kindly visit www.schemopedia.com

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