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Job Summary: Pinnacle Generators (www.pinnaclegenerators.com) is looking for an enthusiastic marketing intern to join our Business Development department and support the Organization in driving the sales goals faster & as well provide creative ideas to take the company to next altitude. This internship will help you acquire basic sales &marketing skills and provide you with knowledge on various marketing strategies. Not only will the internship make you competent in sales & marketing with the training offered but also provide you real-time exposure to the market & experience sales dynamics in actuality. Job Responsibilities: As an Intern/Management Trainee- Business Development, with the hand hold assistance from Pinnacle Generators you are responsible for the activities as listed below: 1. Sales & Marketing Career Roadmap: Most freshers/ students are in a dilemma in understanding on how prosperous their career would be in Sales & Marketing profession and what heights would they be reaching in near future (5yrs/10yrs). Pinnacle Generators will educate the Interns to give them a precise insight on the milestones they could achieve in Business Development (Sales & Marketing) occupation and the rewards it could provide periodically. 2. In house Training on selling skills: In-house training will help Interns equip with right sales tools to support them to perform at peak levels when they start working and further prove as an “asset” to the Organization thus progressing much faster than their peers to clinch promotions faster. 3. On field Engagement: Pinnacle Generators will walk through the Interns/Mgmt. Trainees on-field and help them understand on “go-to-market” approach, “lead-generation” mechanisms, “prospecting” process etc. Post on-field engagement, the Intern is confident to accept to sell any product/service available in this world and that’s the kind of “competent-character” that companies are seeking. Also, the Intern will evolve as a “sales-role-model” for other colleagues in their company. 4. Win an employment Opportunity: Pinnacle Generators expresses its sigh-of-achievement only after the Intern secures the suitable employment opportunity with us as we feel our responsibility is finished only upon accomplishing this task. Our “Career Advancement Services” will take complete accountability in ensuring the right candidate the right position in the Company. An Intern/Student is now transformed into a complete “Business Development Professional”.

Pinnacle Generators is a pioneer in manufacturing stand-by gensets, offering a wide range of specifications available in market. We have a history of innovation through our relentless efforts in R & D and our core responsibility lies in exploring new ways to provide “customers” the best standby-power solution possible. Pinnacle Generators an Organisation based In Hyderabad with standing experience for 15 years plus in Power Generators sector, involved themselves in more than 20,000 satisfied customers and aspire to become one of the leading players in this segment through continuous improvement in technology.

Internship Details: Duration: 2 to 3 Months Internship Mode: Paid (Stipend) Certificate: Certificate of Internship/Mgmt. Trainees is awarded upon completion