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Trust Medi is a start up Ecommerce Company whose vision is the creation of a healthcare ecosystem for the global patient with access to the best quality, affordable, transparent, comprehensive healthcare solutions. With our ecommerce portal we want to provide a one stop solution for all healthcare needs. The subscribers to our portal can quickly find credible and reliable answers to their medical problems, along with easy access to the best healthcare experts/solutions to guide them towards a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. We aim to be the first port of call for customers having healthcare related need, doubt, or query. We have a disruptive model that challenges the conventions of traditional healthcare. Our key differentiators are tie-ups with the marquee hospitals and Healthcare Providers across India; Second Opinion services; Emergency Services, Verified Patient Feedback & Referrals; Incomparable discounts on several health packages, specialized procedures and surgeries in leading Hospitals; Healthcare Concierge Services; Premium content – medical articles, blogs, videos, interaction with in-house doctors. The users of our platform will be able to upload their medical records, and we would digitize it in a user-friendly, structured data format which is very detailed and easy to understand compared to what users are used to today. Our portal will be kept on a cloud — where you can access the dashboard from anywhere, anytime using a PC, or a mobile device. Trust Medi will become the best way to seek medical help by overcoming the stumbling blocks in healthcare delivery which are inaccessibility and unaffordability, not crunch of doctors using a technology platform

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