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Internships Modules

What you have to do to apply: - Use and study the app in detail - Drop an e-mail to us with the following: o Email Subject: “2M_Intenrship__ o A brief about you o 2 great things about the app o 2 not so happening things about the app o Position you want to apply for o Reason why the particular position & how you are fit for the position o Registered mobile number on the app o Your CV / Resume as an attachment to the e-mail o Send the e-mail to hello@knodues.com

Product: KnoDues (Smartphone app) (App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.stac.ankush.knodues) About KnoDues: KnoDues is a smart phone app designed to ease out the complications faced in tracking & splitting of shared expenses with friends. Essentially, KnoDues is your Shared Expenses Buddy! KnoDues lets its user record shared expenses, split them easily, keep a track of all the dues and share them with friends. It’s as simple as chatting!

- Stipend of 7000.00 per month. Yes, that’s a lot! - Opportunity to work & report to the co-founders directly - Opportunity to get a pre placement offer (permanent role post completion of formal education) - Great learning & exposure and a internship certificate too!