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Internships Modules

The selected intern(s) will work on following during the internship: Reporting , Online promotion , Videos.

NewsBred is about international relations and geopolitics of the modern world. It’s a mirror on deprivation which most of humanity suffers in present times. It holds light on heroes who work away from the spotlight, unmindful of any discernible reward, moved by the simple, noble belief that they must leave behind a better world for the children of tomorrow. These heroes could be social workers, investigative reporters, authors or those who in order to stand by their values are ready to risk their very existence. It comments on major issues which shape governmental policies and its effects on citizenry. It believes that governments by nature are ready to sacrifice the interests of individuals for the benefits of a few powerful—it could be powers within the government or one of corporate interests. It aims to inform and interact with mass media which could be gullible to propaganda, incentive or pressure from the powers that be. Mass media is easily led astray which it shouldn’t given the reach they have over the masses. We believe in the nobility of the written word and appeal to that seeker of truth which lies inside every journalist if he or she was to exercise a free will. If you believe that you could contribute to NewsBred by way of articles and exposes please go ahead, open your “My Account” and offer your submissions. A call on your submissions will be taken within 24 hours. Please don’t expect a mail in return as we deal with a deluge of suggestions and submissions. Broadly, your issue should not only concern the city or country you inhabit. It should have a universal appeal to people of all regions, race or class. Please don’t forget to add your photograph and link to Facebook and Twitter account which would go with your article, if it is published. We will also maintain an archive of your pieces which would just be a click away. Please don’t fall for plagiarism or copyright issues which would be entirely your responsibility. In case you do, you would be blocked from this site forever. Try to quote as much as possible in case you are incorporating someone else’s idea in your piece.