Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Your day to day job will include the responsibilities like opening the stock market Demat Account of the clients, bring them on our social media channels where we are active daily for updates and regular learning especially of telegram channel. 2. Cold calling on the data provided by the company and will train you how to talk, script for perfect updation of the clients work and our dedicated team member will be there all ears to support you in all the steps and assist you to do your job better. 3. Trade along with our operations team and learn small but basics of stock markets and how to be make active and profitable traders in the market day in day out.

We are a small but avid team of traders and trade in all verticals from intraday to swing trade and believe in protecting our corpus is more important than working with every candle movement. Many a times no trade is even better and is an important part of trading cycle. We have come across many scammers who just work on every candle movement and when they see the loss coming they hardly have any answers for that. Discipline, rules and controlling the urge to trade every second is the differentiating factor we believe in. Hedging your position when at loss and exit at right moment is what makes best traders. We give away daily calls based on loads of research and emotions and also teach how you yourself can do it.

We will pay minimum Rs. 7000 to all hired interns only if you are able to open 15 Demat account and on top Rs. 500 for each account on top of 15.