Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Generating sales for the company 2. Spreading awareness about the programs and helping share the posts on different platforms 3. Working on marketing and convincing people to register for our programs 4. Creating contacts with different clubs and chapters in different colleges 5. Cold calling the leads which are provided 6. 6 to 8 Course sales in one month

Selltog Online private limited was founded with an ambition of building a smart generation of young minds, who are well informed about the skills required for becoming an irreplaceable part of an organization. With the rise of opportunities in the country, it has become mandatory to provide proper trainings and exposure to the current students in the right direction to prevent an imbalance in the demand and supply of skills in the work sector. Launched with the name 'AptiSmart' was a vision for a smarter and self sufficient workforce that is not only capable of securing the most in-demand jobs but also knowing it's worth in the industry. AptiSmart is proud of the role it has played in developing confidence in students that only comes with self improvement, knowledge, and competence.

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