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About Internship: Diligent person who works with the Founding team to explore new marketing opportunities across India and the world. Open new markets and explore more opportunities with existing clients. Roles And Responsibilities: 1. Marketing Report on New Opportunities 2. Providing research on competitors of the company. 3. Run email marketing campaigns for generating more leads for Nessbot Week1 -4: ·​ ​Getting acquainted with the team and product–Establish a plan to enter and approach various segments on the market. ·​ ​Understand the cost pressures in each industry and help the founding team to establish the next product. ·​ ​Make lists of potential clients

NESSBOT is a coalition of healthcare, design and manufacturing/construction entities developing solutions for the global healthcare challenge posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Developed by Harvard, Oxford, VIT, IIT and IIM alumni, the solutions are designed and engineered to be affordable and scalable while being rapidly deployable. NESSBOT caters to the large volume sanitization and portable/deployable medical facility requirements of hospitals, emergency healthcare camps, public buildings/infrastructure, industries and transport hubs (airports, metro & train stations).

Letter of internship, PPO, Letter of Recommendation.