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The program facilitates and nurtures future leaders and contributes to their carrier growth. Empower and groom yourself, serve as Analyttica’s community specialists, brand evangelists, and technology experts in your respective institutions, organizations, and avenues of influences. Roles and Responsibilities of Campus Ambassador – Part I – Sign Up Follow this link and apply for the Campus Ambassador Program - https://forms.youth4work.com/analytticaca/ After signup – Complete your profile and share a screenshot of the same with a referral code mentioned in your profile. Part II – Refer & Earn Share your referral code and ensure that at least 10 of your friends sign up using your referral code. Also share the screenshots of their completed profile along with their referral code. This will give you rewards points that can be reimbursed for vouchers from your profile. Part III – Promotion of the Platform Share information about Analyttica using your referral code on social media, whatsapp groups, e-mails etc. Organize online competitions like Hackathons. Implement marketing ideas to promote the website. Use your referral codes wherever you’re promoting, it will give you referral bonus and incentives.

Youth4work - simple ideas, phenomenal results. Helping to identify, showcase and improve on the talent market, we cater to a billion dollar industry where talent meets requirements and needs assessments of organizations are fulfilled. Youth4work addresses the potential with the ultimate goal of fulfilling needs and requirements for companies. We take on a new perspective on the idea of people search, by far it is the next generation of recruitment - just around the corner.

Certificate of leadership and opportunity of recognition in our circle of influence Be a part of our town hall and network with industry leaders Being a Campus Ambassador – Explore all the courses on the platform for free. Chance to join us for data science conferences Gift Vouchers Free 1 month Prep Test Access on Youth4work Please Note: Stipend will be given in amazon voucher