Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

About the Program: Our program is divided into 4 weeks covering different parts of a business that you can learn- HR Week: Learn HR by completing recruitment tasks Marketing Week: Learn marketing by doing creative marketing tasks Event Week: Learn to organize events Research Week: Learn how to do research in business One of a kind format with special benefits- Learn crucial skills for your career like Communication, Teamwork, Management, Marketing, HR, Research, etc with special focus on practical & technical skills. 4-week fast-paced program to teach you skills that would otherwise require many months. Get specialization in 4 areas within 4 weeks. Newly designed creative and innovative tasks with varying levels of difficulties to push you ahead. Become part of Comunev Ambassador Community with 100+ members from all over India.

Comunev is a startup team, building Social Media 2.0- for the future. We are making an interest-based social network where you can connect with like-minded people, form communities with them and go to events to meet them in real life. We aim to connect people and help them meet new connections that understand them and share their vibe. We are building the future and its a big responsibility that we’d like to share with awesome people who always want to outdo themselves each day.

Internship Certificate, Letter of Recommendation/Appreciation for high performance, Flexible schedule, Rewards & Goodies for exceptional performance and a lot of knowledge & experience