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Internships Modules

We are looking for a candidate who is a self-starter, inquisitive, an enthusiast and is passionate in connecting with people. 1. Ideate and execute innovative campaign plans using on-campus networking and social media 2. Strategise and drive awareness about the application among your fellow connections 3. Lead demos and presentations on FlopCard. 4. Translate your effort into output through quality app downloads and authentic reviews 5. Collect feedback from users through online surveys and generate weekly reports on your goal achievements

FlopCard is the next generation network management platform. FlopCard is an eco-friendly app which lets you design customised cards with 25+ templates for different networks - Business, Confrères and Family.

1.Certificate of Appreciation 2.Exclusive goodies to our "True Believers" 3.Paid internship opportunity 4.Pre-placement interview for a role based out of London/ Toronto/ Bangalore 5.All expence paid trip to “Top performer”