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Internships Modules

Grapevine has started with a new initiative. An exclusive and privileged community for the research vertical. Tasks related to research surveys and interviews will be the priority. Performance review reports every week Point system for the performance and points will be calculated and the rewards will be given to the top performers at the end of every month. Type of tasks: Filling up surveys Being a part of research studies Help with getting genuine responses for the surveys Help with getting people for interviews WORK FROM HOME ALL OVER INDIA

​Grapevine. We do youth marketing.We have nothing to do with wine, or grapes. However, we have everything to do with communication, creativity and conversation. We are a 1000 college strong network (the Clan, growing as you blink)of overachieving college students (The Chiefs), 50+ Indian cities wide.

Rewards: Monthly rewards to the top performers Top performers will be chosen every month and will receive certificates and rewards based on the points they earn by doing the tasks. Type of rewards: Cash rewards Vouchers Merchandise Certificates Access to Grapevine's online event