Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Content Writing for Technical Topics • Creative Writing, Micro Content, Articles for company website. • Writing scripts for Ppt and videos, writing slogans. • Updating the eCommerce website with product descriptions and images 2 Voice Over Recording for YouTube Videos • Reading the script and recording your voice on ppt of technical and marketing videos. • Writing ability to write a script for your own voice recording would be a plus. 3 Video and Sound Editing and Youtube Channel • Editing and merging video files and adding sound • Animating images and Uploading on youtube and managing the channel 4 Graphics Poster Design • Understanding the promotion objectives and creating visual concepts • Designing still and motion graphics for advertising in social media • Creating logos, fliers, and posters, signage. Thanks for your interest in an internship with Make Me Builder. Please apply and submit your resume using the google form below, Thanks again and we will contact you soon! https://forms.gle/9pjV7VCoMp3HWvca9

Make Me Builder is a startup venture that provides people construction, renovation and property related services. The website provides over 250 services with photographs and pricing. To get a quotation customers can place a request on website or call the support line. The company has partnered with many qualified vendors, contractors and consultants. The founder of the venture Mukul Goel, is a graduate of IIT Bombay, M.Tech and MBA from US Universities, and has 18 years of experience in real estate and infrastructure development with top reap estate and infrastructure developers internationally.

certificate , lor, Flexible working hours,