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Internships Modules

1. You need to work on analytical data and clients information. 2. Connecting with HR's of different companies in Bangalore to get any leads for Adventure travel events from their organisation. 3. Help with ideas to improve current marketing strategies. 4. You will be handling all our marketing and social media platforms for lead generation and database management, for this you need to plan and execute marketing campaigns. 5. Create content for marketing campaigns.

Adventuresome (Footslogger Private Limited) is basically an organization of adventure travel and outdoor enthusiasts which organizes treks, hikes, biking events, exploration events, outdoor activities, and adventure activities. Apart from this, we organize events for kids, families and corporate offices based on different themes. Adventuresome is your gateway to all kinds of exciting adventure activities, trips to awesome travel destinations and experiential journeys. This platform is to create a new future our dreams in which people are more outgoing, risk-taking, not afraid of the unknown, more connected to the natural world, a responsible world citizen, rational thinker, doer, accepting and happy and from our experience "traveling will help us becoming that"

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