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Internships Modules

1. Develop content as per SEO needs 2. Conduct online research for new updates 3. Write blogs for existing website 4. Research for colleges/universities 5. Prepare content for website

The youth today believes in working smartly at a place where they can learn and grow. To be stuck in the monotony of 9 to 5 spending your day at a desk is not what the Gen-Z and Alpha strive for today. This is the era of opportunities. Everywhere is a new career option to explore. This is where TIG Edtech comes to play. TIG stands for “The Illuminating Guide” which literally means mentors who light up student’s minds with knowledge and progressive thoughts. The idea behind TIG is to nurture talent from a young age. The new energy that students have must be channelized most efficiently which can bring a change in the world we are living in. As the education system is taking a steep turn and is changing the entire hemisphere of studies, mentality is leaving the sight. There is influence all over yet guidance in the right direction has been missing. TIG attunes each student with opportunities, options as per their interest which helps them run on the right career path. The Illuminating Guide is a conglomerate of organizations which help students right from their schooling years to enter the field they wish to play in for the rest of their lives. We strongly advocate the fact that your career does not have to be “Dal Chawal till the day you die.” one’s career must be a balance of different cuisines. So that your learning taste buds are satisfied to the maximum level at the end of each day. As a growing organization, TIG wishes to overcome challenges and introduce technology which makes every student’s life easier. The Illuminating Guide’s umbrella covers brands which have been highly devoted towards the progress of each student. The Illuminating Guide ensures students get to walk on the career path they have always wished for and for this we have three platforms to cover all the needs of students. www.formbazaar.com, www.apticube.com, www.universalapplicationform.com

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