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Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Ensure the article is not fake, has fictitious news, and is grammatically correct 2. Work on research and ensure the appropriate use of language which is clean, easy to read, and well written 3. Ensure the piece does not have backlinks opening to other websites or any publicity material 4. Write the article with at least 680 words and divide it into eight paragraphs or more 5. Add high-resolution pictures accompanied by the article (it is suggested that pictures be taken from Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter accounts of people in the article) 6. Write articles on entertainment, anime, sports, video games, TV shows, movies, dating, and gossip 7. Write at least 3 articles a day (do not apply if you cannot meet this quota) 8. Cooperate with team leader/editor in writing content 9. Write the content given to you on the same day, within 24 hours (most of the content is time-sensitive) 10. Write SEO-incorporated content and in the correct format (read the document we will send when we take you in) 11. Ensure the article should not be copied from anywhere else (if you are found copying any content, you will be terminated) Note: Your articles will be published under Staff account until you complete at least 90 articles. Then you will be given your own account with your name, this will help you get jobs in other companies.

OtakuKart has been in the entertainment and gaming news industry for over seven years. We have worked closely with many brands in promoting their movies and shows. At OtakuKart, we believe in quality and the content should be of top-notch quality.

Certificate , Letter of recomendation