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Internships Modules

Selected intern\\\'s day-to-day responsibilities include:\\r\\n\\r\\n1. Writing 100% authentic, grammatically correct & unique content in English (minimum of 700 words per article/blog)\\r\\n2. Completing at least 6 articles a day - no less\\r\\n3. Writing the content given to you on the same day or the next day\\r\\n4. Staying active in the Slack channel & attending team meetings\\r\\n5. Cooperating with team leader/editor in writing content\\r\\n\\r\\nNote: Plagiarizing any content will terminate the internship. The stipend will be paid in the first week of each month, upon completing 150 articles a month. On Sundays or Wednesdays, students can choose a day of the week to be the off day. Candidates are required to complete a 5-month internship duration for recommendation & experience letter. You get to work under India\\\'s fastest-growing news website with a valid Wikipedia page & verified social media handles.

OtakuKart has been in the entertainment and gaming news industry for over seven years. We have worked closely with many brands in promoting their movies and shows. At OtakuKart, we believe in quality and the content should be of top-notch quality.

8500/- STIPEND LoR Certificate