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Internships Modules

We are Looking for Content Writers to Join our Team & enrich our Websites with new Blog Posts & Guides. Selected Intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Proofread Articles before Publication 3. Write Articles to Promote the Products/Services 4. Promote Content on Social Media 5. Ensure all-around Consistency (Style, Fonts, Images & Tone) Candidates have a chance to earn performance-based incentives along with Perks such as Paid Vacation & Sick Days, Early access for Offers, Deals on Shopping Websites, and Shopping Gift Cards based on the Performance basis.

InTake Media is a Media Company which provides IT Services & Publishing Contents through various Digital Mediums

1. Holidays & Sick Leaves 2. Early access for Offers, Deals on Shopping Websites/Portals 3. Gift Vouchers & Shopping Coupons/Gift Cards based on Performance basis 4. Normal working hours & Informal dress code 5. Free Snacks & Beverages, Company's Merchandise