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Would you like to pursue an enriching internship opportunity in digital marketing? \r\n\r\nWe offer an internship opportunity that would allow you to gain the skill set to perform effectively in the US market. You would be mentored directly by the global marketing manager, and given opportunities to learn more about the world of digital marketing, including topics such as social media marketing, search engine optimization, e-marketing, organic & inorganic marketing initiatives and many more. Upon completion, you would receive a well-worded letter of recommendation and signed certificate of experience by Wings Aviation. This official certificate & experience will enable new & exciting career opportunities for you in the future, with potential hikes in starting packages.\r\n\r\nThis internship experience provides coverage in all facets of digital marketing for a cutting edge US-based social media application brand, aimed at revolutionizing communication among users. Knowledge of US college culture, meme knowledge, social media trends & viral marketing will make you a very competitive candidate. Also, knowledge in up-to-date digital marketing & social media marketing trends is important, with a basic understanding of required tools & tasks. If you believe if you’d be a perfect fit for the role, do get in touch with us, since this would be an exciting learning opportunity to boost your career curve. Based on overall performance, we would be open to discussing full-time positions with the company. Plus, in this position, you would be able to visit the aircraft hangar as a perk!\r\n\r\nIf you are interested in the position, please do submit a sample of your writing. Tell us about your interpretation of an average American college student culture in at least 100 words. It could be about anything, if you know what we mean 😉 We can discuss your perspective & views about the same via video call if your writing is what we’re looking for.\r\n\r\nTasks & Responsibilities:\r\n\r\nCommunicate on social media platforms to college audiences\r\nAbility to understand the culture & preferences of an average American college student to further marketing requirements\r\nContribute to social media marketing material - creating social media posts\r\nPrepare reports & presentations detailing progress & status - feedback regarding how well the marketing initiatives are being received\r\nResearch influencers, brands, businesses & cultural influences popular in the regions of interest\r\nCustomer & market research initiatives\r\nGenerating unique posts that can capture target market leads\r\nInnovation & out-of-the-box thinking in marketing strategies is encouraged\r\nGood design skills are a big plus!\r\nBe lit 🔥\r\n\r\nEssential Skills:\r\n\r\nNative-level fluency in English (written & verbal) is a mandate\r\nGood content creation skills (design skills are a plus)\r\nBasic knowledge of digital marketing, search engine optimization & social media marketing\r\nMeme knowledge: creating memes & social media content with viral traction relatable to college crowd\r\nExperience with different social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Quora, Groupme, etc. The more the better.\r\nKnowledge of design software & other software supplementary to digital marketing initiatives are a bonus\r\nSelf-motivated with desire to produce efficient, quality results\r\nGreat verbal & written communication skills\r\nGreat interpersonal skills\r\nAbility to protect confidential information\r\nAbility to make clear conversations with users/potential users, and all other stakeholders\r\nDesire to learn and grow\r\nExcellent time management skills

Established in 1995, we are India's Premier fully integrated Aviation training provider. Starting with an aim to change the face of the Indian Aerospace Industry, RGAviation is a pioneer in our Aviation Industry. RGAviation has worked relentlessly in setting high standards of aviation training and services in India. The organization was established to foster the vision of our late former Prime Minister; Mr. Rajiv Gandhi (who himself was a professional pilot) to create dynamic and highly efficient young talent in the aviation industry, also building our national strength as a result. RGAviation started its operation by bringing the best in Pilot Training Program to young aspirants. In the same year, the organization extended its world-class training services to Aircraft Maintenance Engineering domain, focusing on creating top-class and highly efficient maintenance engineers to meet the ever growing need of the aviation industry. Today, in addition to offering unmatched Pilot Training and Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Training, RGAviation also offers world-class, end-to-end maintenance, repair and overhaul services to aviation companies, providing unbroken reliability and highest level of operational integrity for its customers.

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