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Internships Modules

The Summer Internship 2018 in “Cyber Crime Investigation” comprise of following modules:\r\n\r\nInauguration & Introduction of course\r\nAnonymity of internet\r\nCyber Crime\r\nCyber Crimes control\r\nInformation Gathering\r\ncyber law\r\ncyber crime Invetigtion\r\nEmail Tracking\r\nSocial Media Investigation\r\nFinancial frauds\r\nDigital Evidence Finding\r\nCase Studies\r\nPractice session on Case Studies\r\nFinal test\r\nClosing Examination Certificate Award Ceremony\r\nThe Summer Internship 2018 in “Ethical hacking” comprise of following modules:\r\n\r\nHackers & Hacking methodologies\r\nInformation Gathering & Scanning methodologies\r\nTrojans, Backdoors\r\nGoogle Hacking\r\nWireless Hacking & Security\r\nSystem & Network hacking \r\nEmail hacking \r\nHigh level Hacking Attacks

Indian Cyber Army is a Professional Cyber Security Organization Aimed with Digitally Secured India, which is providing its services to Government, National Police and Intelligence Agencies. Indian Cyber Army is the largest Association of ethical hackers, Cyber Crime Investigators and cyber security experts involved into social service. Its sole aim is to research, analyze, train and develop technology. It’s a team of Ethical Hacker, Cyber Security Experts, and Programmers from across the country involved into creating awareness in the field of cyber security and to reduce the increasing Cyber Crimes. We’re committed to help those who have enthusiasm as well as expertise in ethical hacking or information security industry to learn, grow and thrive. With many certified members strong, we empower the professionals who touch every aspect of cyber, information, software, IT and infrastructure security. With Indian Cyber Army certification, you join a recognized family of cyber and IT security professionals. You’ll have access to broad array of exclusive resources, educational tools and peer-to-peer networking opportunities, conference and event discounts, and much more to you help strengthen your career while helping us accomplish our mission of inspiring a safe and secure cyber world.

1. Certification by Indian Cyber Army 2. Practical approach to solve real-time cases live on our cyber crime helpline