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About part time job/internship\r\n\r\nSelected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include:\r\n\r\n1. Checking URL and sharing ebooks\r\n2. Encouraging readership\r\n3. Evaluating and reviewing fiction writing\r\n4. Content creation and networking\r\n5. Interns might receive free products as part of the review cycle of our campaigns. Or might be reimbursed for purchases and are required to provide their reviews accordingly.\r\n\r\n---- To apply please let us know your choice amongst the below ---\r\n1) Do you prefer Fiction or Non-fiction\r\n2) As a Kindle Unlimited user, which one of the following do you find easy to read\r\nhttps://getbook.at/ADWAY\r\nhttps://getbook.at/yogiji\r\n3) Which of the above do you find easy to follow and read for story, flow, language evaluation? Also, in a 24 hour period, how many pages in english were you able to read from above?

PageTurnado is an up and coming content framework for creation and collaboration based globally across SFO/BLR/Wisconsin. Looking for interns out of India.

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