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Selected intern\'s day-to-day responsibilities include working on front end and back end for an accounting and legal assistance website. The website involves heavy elements of responsiveness.

KSS is an IT firm with 4 lines of business spanning Web design, Robotics, AI & Machine Learning and Graphics. The company is small but has an international staff. Our diversity reflects the international profile of our clients. Web Design: We make responsive, modern websites using the MERN stack and Bootstrap. Our layouts are inspired by principles of web surfing psychology and thus, are not only efficient but enhance user experience. Robotics: We are conducting research & development on the design of tree climbing robots for harvesting from tall, single trunk, fruit-bearing members of Arecaceae such as coconut trees or palm trees. We cover all aspects of design - functional, kinematics, dynamics, static and dynamic stability, safety, harvesting mechanism, controls, automation and real-time communications with a remote assistant. AI & Machine Learning: We build solutions in Python for automated document processing and card reading for mixed, Arabic and Latin script documents. Graphics: We enable companies to better communicate their ideas or presence via a mix of graphics, videos and animations. We design banners, visiting cards, social media backgrounds, UI/UX graphics, promotional videos, stickers and packagings. YouTube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC9LJaFcnrcxrsY9omm0bxSA

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