Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

Selected intern's day-to-day responsibilities include: 1. Designing digital collaterals such as social media posts/ banners, online campaigns, illustrations for videos, etc. 2. Conceptualization and execution of innovative creatives around the share market. 3. Creating White Board animation videos for YouTube and designing Thumbnails for videos. 4. Creating Video Bites for social media handles & explaining and marketing videos. 5. Contributing actively to the overall project

At Asset Synthesis, we believe Creating Goodwill while Accumulating Wealth. Plants are self sufficient they are independent reason is Photo Synthesis. Unlike plants Asset Synthesis will help to attend stage of Self- Reliant. Our aim is to help our clients to reach to their Financial Goal. Here, different type of Assets will cater different needs. We want to stay true to its meaning. We incorporated in July 2018, and functions at Pune with transactional points at Nanded, Aurangabad, Nagpur and Latur. This is the year when Equity Market touched New High of & Investor gained Best return to their portfolio. Maximum caution need to be taken when you are at Peak. At such a time Asset Synthesis choose a path to provide Risk Adjusted Investment Solutions. We believe to create assets for Investor which will create further asset. Your Money will never remain Idle; we will always let your money work for you. Before starting Asset Synthesis we spend over 15 years in the areas of Investment Advisory, Private Banking and Consulting, with in-depth knowledge gained from the previous association.

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