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About Internship: We are seeking a graphic designer to design posters for the company's social media and website. Roles And Responsibilities: 1. Designing posters for social media handles and website 2. Creating videos for social media handles and website 3. Creating GIFs for social media handles and website

Brandyse Media LLP as the name suggests something creative in the field of digital & influencer marketing, branding is a venture to help organizations, influencers, & businesses grow & develop in the era of the internet. It provides a platform wherein brands/organizations/businesses can collaborate with us to enhance their digital presence & promote their brand. In its first year of operations itself, Brandyse Media LLP has worked with multiple influencers, some start-up & famous brands to grow in the digital marketing field.

1. Letter of Recommendation 2. Letter Of Experience 3. Internship Certificate 4. Organisation Personal Reference 5. Addition benefits for top performers