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- Designing Social Media Posts - Conceptualising and executing ideas - co-ordinating with the Digital Marketing team

Soft skills are personal attributes that influence the various aspects of relationship building, wherever you are in today’s world soft skills development is seen as an integral part of an individual’s development. Factors like emotional intelligence, communication skills, work ethic and attitude towards work, etc go a long way in shaping one’s life and career. Soft Skills are useful for people belonging to any walk of life: In making career choices: Having effective negotiation and communication skills can help the students to convince their family members of the career rather than following the path set by their parents. During the recruitment process: Having soft skills helps in making a good first impression. Who would not want to hire a person who is not only technically sound but is confident and can communicate effectively as well. In your workplace: Strong soft skills serve as a direct link to increased productivity, a high degree of client satisfaction, and a conducive work environment, all the qualities that give a company an edge over others in this competitive world. Lack of soft skills has proven to limit the career growth of a person.

Certificate, Recommendation Letter.