Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Converting potential leads 2. Reaching out to potential leads on calls 3. Increasing the reach of social media platforms

Growidus is one of its kind, technology media companies in the world. Through our high-quality, original technology content, active and loyal user communities, and widely-adopted commerce platform, we deliver customized media experiences and personalized purchase recommendations and business consultations to consumers worldwide. Growidus has been servicing clients of all sizes from different industries. The foundation of our practice is a belief that efficient service is based on commercial vision and creativity, effectively capitalizing the deep expertise and practical knowledge that specialization brings. We strive to offer innovative and customized business and astrological solutions and endeavor to elevate potential of all our clients and service partners.

Benefits that would be provided to the selected interns: 1. Certificate of Excellence 2. Recommendation Letter 3. Business Cards 4. Workshop on Digital Marketing 5. Workshop on Training & Development 6. Profiling Sessions