Learn and get expertise through Internships

Internships Modules

1. Sourcing/Screening candidates for the company 2. Preparing daily/weekly/monthly reports 3. Daily attendance and admin functions 4. SOC/Performance track of the team 5. Getting more clients on board, to work as a consultancy in the travel domain 6. Working/Studying visa coordination role

Groupfarez.com is the unit of Keerat incorporated with a seed of nurturing the niche product of Groups in the Travel Industry. Our Leaders after working for Airlines, big Travel Companies, OTA’s and after travelling the major countries sat together and thought of doing something required and need of time. So have done the survey from Travel Agents, People, Corporates etc and result came in to introduce the product for Group Travel. Indian Travel Industry has a great potential and at times Airline, Hotels and other vendors loose a most of business due to not able to cater to the groups efficiently and results in dropped down of programmes. As name reflects we are focused on working closely with Groups.

1. Internship Certificate 2. Flexible hours.