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Internships Modules

Selected intern\\\'s day-to-day responsibilities include: \\r\\n1. Implementing Organization recruitment strategy: Profile sourcing, screening, administering pre-employment tests, conducting interviews, background investigations and preparing offer letters.\\r\\n2. Build relations with leading institutions and colleges to bring in bright students\\r\\n3. Prepare employee handbook: Employee R&R, Professional code of conduct, core values, corporate policies and regulations and Governance.\\r\\n4. Conducting & administering on-the-job training programs. Maintaining records of employee participation in all training and development programs\\r\\n5. Assist in resolving employee grievances, employee engagement and employee relations\\r\\n6. Basic Finance and accounting, basic operations and maintenance\\r\\n\\r\\nCandidates must have an excellent communication skills and have passion to peruse career in HR Management \\r\\nCandidates who have appeared for final exam can also apply\\r\\nNote:\\r\\nWe believe in pay for performance, will have \\\"Performance Incentives\\\", \\\"Awards and Recognitions\\\". We enable staff by providing training and coaching. HR intern will be provided with Human Resource Management Training as well

Blockchain is the most disrupting technology since the invention of Internet. The technology that eliminates the need of the Middle man in any transaction. Piersquare technology is a research organization committed to build a system that eliminates the need for a third party to enable true peer to peer transaction. Piersquare Technologies provides complete software solution. Piersquare technologies is also focusing on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Analytics over the Blockchain backbone. r2 Technologies is looking for interns who have hunger to learn and explore cutting edge technologies to make difference.

1. Performance Bonus based purely based on the results. 2. On job coaching from a HR Director. 3. Internship Certificate 4. Industry best work culture